Haida Paper Testing and Carnival Shopping Festival

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Haida Paper Testing and Carnival Shopping Festival

    In this era covered by the Internet and APP, you can live as usual without leaving your house. When you are hungry, you have takeaway software, but there are shopping software for shortcomings. Every year, 618, Double 11, Double 12 and various holidays are all our shopping Time, payment and then waiting for the package, this year will usher in a new shopping festival, I want to say that the wallet has lost a whole circle. The parcels at home are about to become mountains.



     A good shopping experience is not only the moment of purchase and payment, but the most exciting moment is when the package is unpacked. What should I do if the package is damaged?

The first step is to take pictures first;

The second step is to open the box to check whether the appearance of the goods is scratched;

In the third step, if it is an electronic appliance, it must be powered on and tested to avoid damage to the inner screen.

    How can businesses avoid these risks? First of all, when selecting paper packaging materials, be sure to choose manufacturers with compressive coefficient and bursting coefficient, or products that have passed performance tests.

    We are serious about paper testing. In this regard, our company continues to produce and reserve a series of paper testing equipment. In the upcoming 618 shopping festival, as a merchant chooses good packaging materials and chooses a good service attitude, every praise will bring you a steady stream of Customer source, attentive service, attentive selection.

Haida Instruments serves every customer attentively.




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