Haida Culture

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Haida Culture

In today's modern society where competition is becoming more and more fierce, if a company wants to develop quickly and steadily and healthily, in addition to its ability to innovate, the team's cohesiveness and spirit of collaboration are also essential.


Haida International Equipment Group, the professional manufacturer of paper test machine & package test machine,after more than ten years of industry baptism, has built a strong professional technical team, specializing in research and development, production and sales of various testing equipment, the company adhering to the "quality comes from precision, quality creates the future" The business philosophy is to actively and seriously serve every customer.


Haida Customer

Today, with the increasingly diversified competition in the industry, we have cultivated a strong R&D and manufacturing team with a strong manufacturing process and focus on the development and maintenance of human resources, providing a strong guarantee for manufacturing high quality products. .


With the continuous improvement of the company's corporate system and the continuous improvement of the level of technology production, more and more customer groups are aware of the necessity and importance of testing equipment. We are constantly improving our products, improving our quality and gaining more customers. Highly satisfied and recognized.

Haida Culture


It is true that the team's cohesiveness and spirit of collaboration are very important. Our company is also a united, active and progressive team, weekly business training between colleagues, mutual experience and discussion, and promote the progress of each of our Haida people. .


Every time the company organizes its outreach training and outing activities, we can see that each of our colleagues is united and collaborating. The mutual trust and mutual help between colleagues is the prerequisite for everyone to unite.


Haida Training

Towards modernization and globalization is a huge challenge for Haida. However, Haida people are striving to become a well-known testing instrument at home and abroad by virtue of their persistence and efforts to build a leading technology, quality products and professional services. Integrated service provider.



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