HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester ----- Operation Guideline & Maintenance

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HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester ----- Operation Guideline & Maintenance

HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester

----- Operation Guideline & Maintenance

HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester is suitable for printing ink layer abrasion resistance. Wrap dry or wet standard friction paper on the friction head; rub the surface of the sample with the specified pressure, reciprocating friction stroke and speed; observe the ink layer peeling off of the sample; confirm that the sample and standard friction paper contamination marks or the surface of the sample is fluffed or worn.

Short Guideline of Machine Operation:

1. Connect the power cord AC220V to ensure that the machine is normally energized; and turn on the power switch.

2. Fix well the sample. There are two fixtures on the friction platform, left side and right side. Place the sample flat in the fixture. Then rotate and press the sample through a fixed shaft. Be sure to pay attention to the smoothness and cleanliness of the sample.

3. Place the standard slider on the shaft. Fix standard friction paper by friction block. Place weights according to the required test weight.

4. Operate the four buttons up, down, left and right on the panel to set the number of tests, press the green button in the lower right corner to start the machine.

5. The 4 green buttons on the panel are respectively (21/43/85/106) times/minute speed, which can be selected according to standard requirements.

6. After the number of tests is reached, press the stop button to remove the standard friction paper and the sample. Next, the wear resistance of the ink layer or coating can be judged by measuring the density of the ink layer before and after the friction or the change in the thickness of the coating.

Note: If you need to change the speed during the test, you need to change the speed step by step. If it suddenly changes to 21 times/min at 106 times/min, it may damage the motor. You can also press the stop button and wait for the motor speed to drop. , Then press 21 times/min.


1. Regularly check the operating circuit of the machine. Check whether the line is loose or damaged, and find an electrician to deal with it in time to prevent the risk of electric shock when using the machine.

2. When the motor has been tested for too long, the bearing part can be sprayed with anti-rust oil to lubricate and cool at the key movement position.

3. Keep the friction block, friction table and weights clean to prevent errors during testing.

4. When the speed is inaccurate, you can open the box cover. The four potentiometer knobs inside correspond to the speed respectively, and the calibration speed can be adjusted by manually rotating the knob.

Note: if you do below steps, please contact our lab consultant first, then we will arrange our after-sales technician to follow-up the help together. In order avoid any mistake.



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