Guangya Exhibition

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Guangya Exhibition

The quality of the products we use in our daily lives is mostly affected by the environment, such as temperature, humidity, corrosion, aging, rain, sand, etc.For example, LED lights are placed outdoors all the year round, and some even under water. At this time, it must meet some environmental requirements, such as high temperature, rain, high pressure, corrosion, etc.In order to help many factories and companies to improve the quality of their products,Haida took part in the Guangya Exhibition in Dongguan city.Here are some details:

environmental test chmaber

The customers consult some details about test chambers

climatic test chamber

Customers sign the contract and bought the test chambers

Haida International Equipment,the manufacturer of environmental test chambers,we can provide you a wide range of test chambers,which including:climatic test chamber,aging test chamber,rain test chamber,dust test chamber,salt spray test chamber,Haida has professional technical team,we can offer product customization service and lab testing solution,if you have any question,you can contact us.



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