Green Packaging Design - Reduce/ Reuse/ Recycle

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Green packaging design generally follows the so-called 3R principles, which are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

1. Reusable and recycled packaging materials

Land and forest are the basis of human ecological balance. The wanton logging of wood brings inestimable disasters to human society.In view of this situation, people can consider using reusable and renewable packaging materials, such as beer, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging with glass bottles repeatedly used, polyester bottles can be recycled with some methods.Recycling packaging, can be recycled in two ways, the physical method refers to the direct and complete purification crushing, no residual pollutants, after the treatment of plastic and then directly used for recycling packaging containers.The chemical method refers to that after the recycled PET (polyester film) is crushed and washed, the PET is depolymerized into monomers or partially depolymerized under the action of catalyst. After purification, the monomers are repolymerized into recycled packaging materials.The reuse and regeneration of packaging materials only extend the service life of polymer materials such as plastics as packaging materials. When their service life is reached, they still have to face the problem of waste disposal and environmental pollution.

2.Edible packaging material

This is a good way to solve the contradiction between food packaging waste and environmental protection.In the design of some food packaging, an edible packaging film which does not affect the original taste of the food can be made.By the 21st century, countries around the world have developed many kinds of, such as an Australian company developed an edible potato chip packaging, people can eat potato chips after the packaging.If British a company made edible fruit and vegetable to preserve fresh agent again, it is the translucent latex that mixes by candy, starch, fatty acid and polyester content, can use spray, besmear brushs or impregnation wait for a method to cover the surface of fruit and vegetable such as apple, orange, watermelon, banana, tomato.Because this preservative forms a layer of sealing film on the surface of the fruit, it can prevent oxygen from entering the inside of the fruit and vegetable, thus extending the ripening process and playing a preservative role. The preservative period of the fruit and vegetable coated with this preservative can be more than 200 days.Best of all, this preservative can be used with fruits and vegetables.

People are familiar with the glutinous rice paper used on candy packaging and packaging ice cream corn baking cup are typical edible packaging.Synthetic edible packaging film in the more mature is transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, with toughness, high resistance to oil film, edible, can do food packaging.Its luster, strength, folding resistance are better.

3.Degradable material

Degradable material refers to a kind of plastic whose chemical structure changes under a specific environment that causes performance loss in a specific period of time.Biodegradable plastic packaging materials not only have the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be used in the completion of the service life, through the role of ultraviolet light in the sun or the role of soil and water microbes, in the natural environment of decomposition and reduction, and finally enter the ecological environment in a non-toxic form, return to nature.A French dairy company, for example, mixes minerals from sugar beets to create an ecological box.

4.Paper material

The raw material of paper is mainly natural plant fiber, which will rot quickly in nature and will not cause environmental pollution.Therefore, many large international companies use recycled paper for annual reports and promotional materials, and use recycled paper to make letterhead and letterhead to reflect their green purpose of paying attention to the environment, while establishing a good corporate image.Paper materials and pulp injection molding parts, composite materials, building materials and other USES.Pulp molding products in addition to light weight, cheap, shockproof and other advantages, it also has good air permeability, is conducive to the preservation of fresh goods, in the international commodity circulation, is widely used in eggs, fruits, glass products and other fragile, easy to break, afraid of extrusion goods turnover packaging.

In addition, packaging designers can make use of pure and natural materials derived from nature to improve the packaging design. For example, the bowl-shaped container designed by coconut shell can be skillfully designed as food packaging.Reduce the types and quantities of packaging materials the types of product packaging should be as few as possible.General packaging designers for the appearance of products, in order to attract more and more consumers, improve the level of products, as far as possible to use different types of materials, some packaging parts have a lot.If you can use one component and use a single kind of material, try to use one, which is more conducive to the recycling of products.As a packaging designer, I have the responsibility and obligation to make an adequate estimate of the social and ecological effects of packaging design.Use of non-hazardous packaging the European packaging and packaging waste directive specifies levels of heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, etc.) and lead levels of less than 100PPM.All countries should be in the form of legislation banning the use of or reduce the use of certain contain harmful ingredients such as lead, mercury or aluminum packaging materials, and heavy metal content, is very popular in the market of disposable foam plastic lunch box also not only can be recycled, and buried in the ground for a long time, non-perishable to burn and damage to the environment, it must therefore be prohibited from use.

Use packaging design patterns and colors to arouse people's awareness of environmental protection

The pattern and color of product packaging seem to have little to do with environmental protection, but it has a direct impact on the visual perception of consumers, if the packaging is deliberately attached with some environmental protection signs and pictures, it will stimulate the brain of consumers, remind consumers not to throw away packaging waste.Some packaging pictures often use beautiful landscape pictures, not only can give people visual enjoyment, but also to enhance consumers' awareness of environmental protection.



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