Foam rebound tester

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The pass of time in different places is uneven, and it delays according to height and speed.

There is a saying that an object slows down the time around it. The earth is a behemoth that slows the time around it. The fall of the object is due to this delay in time. In places where the pass of time is consistent, such as interstellar space, objects do not fall, they float in space. On the surface of our planet, objects naturally tend to move more slowly. Objects fall because time is slowed down by the earth at a lower position.

After share the background information with you, I want to introduce the machine-- foam rebound tester. It is designed according to ISO 8307 and ASTM D 3574 test standards. The percentage between the maximum drop height and the rebound height is calculated by specifying the diameter and mass ball falling from a certain height on the foam sample, and the spring rate is used to express the rebound rate of the foam. It uses PLC control, LCD display and with USB port to output test results.

The control system of it adopts touch screen with PLC control, which has the function of power-off memory. It also has exquisite process and precise data. The drop height is adjusted and fixed by quick handle, which is convenient and fast. What's more, it use automatic calculation fetching the rebound rate (microprocessor is used to calculate the rebound height of steel ball) and use photoelectric sensor to measure the time of steel ball bounce and fall.

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