Flame retardant fabrics: What are the test methods for flame retardant properties

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Flame retardant fabrics: What are the test methods for flame retardant properties

Flame retardant fabrics: What are the test methods for flame retardant properties

Flame retardant fabric is a kind of special fabric.

Flame-retardant fabrics are mainly divided into two categories. One is post-finishing flame-retardant fabrics, such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, etc.;

Second, essential flame retardant fabrics, such as aramid, nitrile cotton, and so on.

The flame retardancy refers to the material after treatment has the property of significantly delaying the flame spread, which plays a guiding role in the selection of material use scope, especially for materials used in building materials, ships, vehicles, and home appliances, which have high requirements on flame retardancy.

In our daily life, all kinds of fire hazards are ubiquitous.

In order to reduce the fire accidents caused by the flammability of textiles and the resulting harm to human life and property safety, the flammability test of textiles has attracted great attention all over the world.

Textile combustion test methods vary with principles, equipment and purposes.

It is difficult to compare the test results of various test methods, and the test results can only explain the combustion performance of the sample to some extent.

The combustion test method is mainly used to test the burning area (carbonization area and damage length), afterburning time and smasher time of the sample.

According to the relative position of sample and flame, it can be divided into vertical method, tilt method and horizontal method.

At present, the vertical method of Textile Flammability Test, GB/T5455-1997, is mainly used to test the flame retardant property of clothing in China.

The principle is that a sample of a certain size is placed vertically in a specified combustion test chamber and ignited for 12 seconds with a specified ignition source. After the removal of the ignition source, the sample's continuance time and smouldering time are measured. After smouldering is stopped, the damage length is measured according to the specified method.

The method can be used to determine the flame retardant property of clothing fabric, decorative fabric, tent fabric, etc.

The flammability evaluation method of Textiles in China is mainly based on the burning rate of fabrics. Only textile products that meet the standard requirements can be regarded as flame retardant products.

There is another way for manufacturers to test textiles, which is to use special equipment to test the flame retardancy of textiles.

Fabric flame retardant box, suitable for flame retardant requirement of clothing fabric, decorative fabric, tent fabric and other flame retardant performance determination.

It can be used by printing and dyeing industry, rubber industry, textile inspection department and scientific research unit.


The fabric flame retardant box conforms to the standard of GB/T 5455-1997 "Vertical method of Textile Combustion Performance Test" and GB23864-2009 for fire blocking materials, etc. The fabric flame retardant box USES electric heating wire ignition, and the continuation time and flame retardant time are automatically recorded.

The igniter timing time can be set anywhere from 0 to 99.99 seconds (standard 12 seconds), the flame height can be adjusted, and the flame temperature measuring device can be configured.

fabric flame retardant chamber



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