Edge Crush Test - Edge Pressure Test Step - Edge Crush Calculation Method

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Edge Crush Test - Edge Pressure Test Step - Edge Crush Test Calculation Method

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The Edge crush test (edge pressure strength) is a certain width of the specimen, in the unit length can withstand the pressure, it is to withstand parallel to the corrugated direction of the edge crush  test pressure capacity. Edge compressive strength(edge crush test) is one of the important factors that affect the compressive strength of carton,corrugated,paper which is the main quality control item in the process of corrugated paperboard, which can predict the compressive strength of carton through the edge pressure intensity.The edge pressure strength or edge crush test is expressed in/m.


Edge Crush Test Steps

Edge crush test (ECT), the edge crush test sample from 3 samples, each cut 3 pieces without mechanical indentation, no printing marks and damaged specimens, the sample of the corrugated direction should be short, the edge crush test sample specification for 25mmx100mm, error ±0.5mm. This requires that the edge of the sampler should be kept absolutely sharp, and the blade on the knife, the installation position should be appropriate, the blade mouth and knife groove angle can be adjusted to 45°. In addition, the tip can not be rubbed to the bottom of the knife groove, to prevent bending deformation of the edge, so that the cutting out of the edges of the specimen corrugated prone to damage and pilling, affecting the accuracy of detection.

The ring crush strength of the original paper and the adhesion strength of paperboard, to a large extent, determine the strength of the edge crush of the paperboard. The determination of the edge crush strength of corrugated board is as follows:


edge crush

Step one: Turn on the power

First open the edge crush pressure tester power.


Step two: Sampling and preparation

Corrugated board must be finished cardboard, and has a transverse side for the positioning edge, transverse size is not less than 30cm, longitudinal dimensions are not less than 15cm.

Specific Steps:

1, the cutter pushes away from the corrugated board sampler fixed positioning baffle, paperboard longitudinal and cutter running direction, positioning edge offset positioning baffle;

2, cutting knife to the fixed positioning baffle, first cut out another positioning edge;

3, another active positioning baffle to the distance cutter 10cm position, and then the new cut out of the positioning edge of the fixed baffle, cut out another positioning edge, and then the positioning edge of the movable positioning baffle, cut out longitudinal 10cm;

4, the active positioning baffle to the distance cutter 2.5cm position, paperboard specimen longitudinal and cutting knife running direction, positioning edge offset movable positioning baffle, cut transverse 2.5cm, get longitudinal x transverse =10cmx2.5cm sample; Repeat operation, get 8 or 10 specimens.


Step Three: Testing process

The prepared specimen is placed between the upper and lower platen of the edge crush tester (in the circle) and clamped with two guide blocks, both of which are flat. Press the "Test" button on the instrument to start the edge crush test. Test values are displayed on the digital display when the specimen is crushed. Test all samples in turn to get a set of test values.


Step four: Print and reset

When the test is finished, press the "Print" button on the instrument to print out the edge crush test results. Press the "reset" key on the two-digit display to zero.


Step five: End of edge crush Test

Close the strength tester power and test the end.



Edge crush test Calculation method:

Corrugated board Edge pressure measurement, the sample sampling requirements are very strict, to use a special sampling tool to sample the product, the entire experimental results are not established; In the course of the experiment, the test aids should be used to erect the specimen vertically and horizontally to complete the test.

The vertical edge crush compressive strength of paperboard is calculated according to the following formula, which is/said:



R indicates the vertical edge compressive strength,/;

f denotes maximum pressure, N;

L indicates the size of the long edge of the specimen, MM.


Edge crush pressure is a certain width of the sample, can withstand the pressure in units of length, it refers to the ability of parallel to the corrugated direction under pressure.Marginal pressure strength is one of the important factors that affect the cartons compressive strength, it is the main process of corrugated cardboard production quality control program, through the marginal pressure strength can predict the cartons compressive strength, so much attention to the index.Marginal pressure strength in N/m).Test, sample box from the three samples, each taking 3 piece, respectively the mechanical impression, printing marks and damage of sample, sample corrugated direction should be short, sample size is 25 mm * 100 mm, and error of plus or minus 0.5 mm.This request of the sampler should maintain absolute sharp blade, blade and knife rest, to appropriate installation position, the mouth of blade and slot into Angle can be adjusted to 45 ° for fitness.

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