Drop Test Process For Package

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Drop test Process

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1. Scope of Use

All the packaged products that need long-distance transportation.


2. Test Purpose

Develop a standard test method to evaluate the ability of the packaging product to withstand the drop impact environment during transport.


3. Test Object

package,carton,paper box,corrugated box ,


4. Equipment

Drop tester,drop testing machine,drop impact tester,package testing machine.


5. Drop test standard, according to ISTA: 1A standard.

number kg height of 762mm, one corner of the three sides six;

10-19 kg height of 610mm, one corner of the three sides six;

19 28 kg height of 457mm, one corner of the three sides six;

28-45 kg height of 305mm, one corner of the three sides six;

45-68 kg height of 203mm, one corner of the three sides six sides.


6. The procedure

  1. According to the box weight, determine the height of the drop;

  2. Drop a corner (a corner of an octagonal clip)

  3. The shortest edge on which the angle is dropped;

  4. A minor short edge with this angle as the apex;

  5. The longest edge that falls at the vertex of this angle;

  6. Two surfaces with a minimum drop area;

  7. Two surfaces with a small drop area;

  8. Fall, the largest area of two;

  9. Check the outer box;

  10. Open box inspection products and internal packaging.


7. Evaluation of results

  1. The outer box is very badly damaged.

  2. The opening of the seal is extremely serious.

  3. Product appearance distortion, product loss of support is very serious

  4. Serious scratches and flowers

  5. The product is slightly deformed, the inside packing material is damaged seriously

  6. The surface of the product is slightly scratched and slightly deformed.


8. Acceptable criteria

A. Very serious problem 0%;

B. serious problem 2%;

C. Minor issues 10%.

Pass: All the same as before the test;

Minor: No impact on sales (slight breakage of carton, slight scraping of products, loosening of parts)

Major: May affect sales (product serious scraping, parts deformation, carton cracking, etc.)

Critical: Products cannot be sold. (product breakage, etc.)



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