Drop Test Machine Introduction

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Drop Test Machine Introduction

In daily life, our packaging will always encounter all kinds of impacts, damage, and even falling from high altitude. After these damages, the package will be seriously damaged. What can be done to avoid these damages? Make sure that the objects inside the package are not damaged?


Let me introduce you to a machine that specifically tests the drop: the drop machine


The drop tester is a machine designed to test the damage of the product package from falling and to evaluate the impact strength during transport handling. There are three types of drop machines: single wing drop tester, double wing drop tester and free Drop test machine


The drop test machine is used to simulate the different edges, angles and faces of the product when it is dropped on the ground, so as to understand the damage of the product and evaluate the fall height and impact resistance of the product packaging components when falling. strength. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the product and the national standards, improve and improve the packaging design.

drop test machine



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