Differences between single and double-wing drop tester

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Three major differences between single and double-wing drop tester

The load-bearing capacity of a single-arm falling object does not have the height of the door-type arms, the same weight a point support and two point support the degree of force is not the same, as well as the requirements of space, to test the size of the object occupied by the difference between the same arm or arms.

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1. single-wing drop tester: This drop tester is designed for the simulation test of a variety of products packaged in the process of handling or transport, the fall has resulted in an assessment of the internal damage of the product, resulting in the best possible solution to minimize the loss in transit; the drop tester can test the ling, angle and surface of the packing container.

2. Double-wing Drop tester: The two-arm drop tester is mainly used to assess the influence of the package on the drop impact in the actual transportation and loading and unloading process, and to evaluate the rationality of the impact strength and packaging design in the handling process of the package.

Second, the advantages:

1. single-wing drop tester place the products to be tested; Select a certain placement mode: face, edge, angle to make it fixed; digital display height, according to the user Ann can be arbitrary set of equipment test range of any height; after determining the height, the loss of the solenoid valve, the test product in an instant out of the arm to fall free. Press the "Stop key" drop plate has automatic reset function.

2. Double-wing Fall machine: The machine can be a free drop test on the surface, angle and edge of the package, equipped with digital display altimeter and high tracking with decoder, which can accurately give the product drop height, and the preset drop height error not exceeding 2% or 10mm. This machine adopts the single arm double column structure, has the electric reduction, the electric control drop and the electric lifting device, the use is convenient; the unique hydraulic buffering device greatly enhances the machine service life, the smoothness and the safety. Single ARM settings can be conveniently placed products, drop angle impact surface and floor angle error is less than equal to 5 degrees.

III. Shortcomings:
1. single-wing drop tester electronic product packaging fall, plastic product packaging fall, toy product packaging fall;

2. The two-wing drop tester shall drop the fall arm after each test is completed, the new machine to the factory installation complete, should be in the sliding round rod place with appropriate low concentration of oil, if the oiling time long there is too much dust please reduce the machine to lower part, wipe the previous oil, and then heavy machine oiling; falling machine is the impact of mechanical equipment, the new machine used more than 500 times, the screws should be fastened to one to avoid failure; the lifting shaft and chain of the tester should be lubricated regularly. Gear Reducer Every six months to oil a times, not work should be cut off all power supply, to ensure the lifting shaft clean.



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