Demystified: How do you know the burst resistance of paper materials?

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Demystified: How do you know the burst resistance of paper materials?

Demystified: How do you know the burst resistance of paper materials?

    Paper and cardboard are one of the important packaging materials in the packaging industry, and the quality of paper has a tendency to develop towards low basis weight and high strength. 

    The reduction in the unit weight of paper can save both pulp and energy, as well as reduce transportation costs, creating greater profit margins for paper companies and users. However, in actual use, there are many problems with the strength of the paper, the most important of which is the problem of the bursting resistance of paper and cardboard.


    HD-A504-B Automatic Bursting Strength Tester is an instrument for testing the strength performance of paper and cardboard. It is mainly suitable for testing all kinds of cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard. It can also be used for non-paper such as silk and cotton. Bursting strength test of quality materials.


     Bursting resistance refers to the uniformly increased maximum pressure perpendicular to the surface of the sample that paper and paper can withstand per unit area. It reflects the comprehensive anti-destructive ability of paper and paper. It belongs to static strength and reflects the circulation of cartons. The ability to withstand the forces of handling, loading and unloading, impact and tearing during the process.

     Bursting resistance is one of the most important physical performance indicators of paper and cardboard in the use process. It has a greater impact on the puncture strength and edge pressure strength of paper and cardboard to a certain extent, so it has an impact on the varieties and grades of paper and cardboard. The evaluation plays a decisive role.



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