Corrugated Cardboard Introduction

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Corrugated Cardboard Introduction

Corrugated Cardboard Introduction

Corrugated cardboard is a multi-layered adhesive body, which consists of at least one layer of corrugated core paper (commonly known as "pit sheet", "corrugated paper", "corrugated core paper", "corrugated core", "corrugated base paper") and one layer Cardboard (also known as "carton board", "carton board"). It has high mechanical strength and can withstand collisions and falls during handling. The actual performance of the corrugated carton depends on three factors: the characteristics of the core paper and cardboard and the structure of the carton itself.


Also called corrugated cardboard. It is composed of at least one layer of corrugated paper and a layer of boxboard paper (also called boxboard), which has good elasticity and extensibility. It is mainly used to manufacture cartons, carton sandwiches and other packaging materials for fragile goods.


corrugated cardboard

Corrugated paper can be tested according to which standards


GB / T 6544-2008 Corrugated cardboard GB / T 6543-2008 Single and double corrugated cardboard boxes for transport packaging GB / T 13023-2008 Corrugated core (original) paper


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