Consumers like paper packaging

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Consumers like paper packaging

The International YouGov Investigations Agency has done a question about what kind of material packaging the consumer likes. Of the 7086 consumer questionnaires, 4857 said that those foods and fresh fruits and vegetables that were placed on shelves and stored in packaging containers were more likely to stimulate their desire to buy. The questionnaire also investigated the popularity of plastic containers and paper containers: the results showed that 68 percent of the 4857 consumers preferred paper packaging and 32 percent more like plastic packaging.


The research report was conducted in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The results are consistent with the results of a similar survey conducted by a UK surveyor in 2014. In the UK survey, 1,114 consumers were asked which of the packaging materials would affect their purchase decisions, 93% of consumers chose paper packaging.

The industry believes that the survey report further proves that corrugated packaging is well positioned to meet the new needs of European consumers for ease of use, compelling, and sustainable product packaging. Paper corrugated box packaging is still the most popular packaging form in Europe. The results show that when fresh fruits and vegetables are contained in paper and plastic containers and placed on the shelves, the consumer of paper packaging products to buy much higher than the plastic packaging.

People in the environmental health awareness of today, the requirements of the packaging is also getting higher and higher. Paper packaging to meet the development needs of green packaging, but also to solve the problem of packaging waste on environmental pollution. Can undertake a variety of food packaging tasks, the future will be better and faster development. At present, food packaging around the world has a good momentum of sustained growth. Paper packaging is moving in the direction of multi-functional development:

Moisture: in the paper surface immersion waterproof material, so that the film attached to the paper single or double, so that food packaging paper with moisture resistance. This paper also has good printing, folding, bonding and other characteristics, can be used as ordinary paper.

Temperature: In the pulp by adding changes in temperature can change the color of the man-made fibers, according to the color of the wrapping paper to indicate the ambient temperature, according to changes in the color of food bags to effectively save food.

Sterilization, anti-corrosion: in the pulp into the sterilization or anti-corrosion raw materials, so that paper packaging to prevent bacterial invasion and delay the role of food deterioration.

Other functional food packaging paper, as well as water, oil, acid, deodorant and other special materials.

With the development of the global economy, the acceleration of urbanization process, the improvement of people's living standards, the upgrading of consumption structure, the rapid growth of supply and demand in the carton packaging market, paper packaging industry has a huge space for development.



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