Congratulations to the pastoral biochemical shares and the success of our cooperation

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Congratulations to the pastoral biochemical shares and the success of our cooperation
Guangxi tianyuan biochemistry co.ltd.is a professional pesticide research and development, production and sales of a national pesticide industry top 100, China's chemical industry top 500 enterprises, 94 years, in 2008 sales reached 7.6 billion specifications, although the establishment of time and Not long, but the company leaders pay great attention to product quality, quality of life for the company, the full implementation of quality management system, and in accordance with quality standards, the quality system firmly into the requirements of each production process.

Guangxi tianyuan biochemistry co.ltd. on the carton compression test test requirements, because of the carton compression testing machine parameters are particularly stringent, that can even computer operation and control box can be a separate operation, the pressure plate also requires 800 * 800, travel to reach 1000mm. After a number of testing equipment companies after negotiations, so that did not find a suitable supplier. Later, through the Nanning-Dan packaging company, to find our company to negotiate, after the engineers are actively communicating and mechanical parameters of the audit, the final decision of the Guangxi Pastoral Biochemical Co., Ltd. to buy our computer-type carton compression related testing equipment. I decided to re-design the drawings, but the customer to the delivery of less than 20 days, can be described as time constraints, heavy tasks.




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