Conditions for testing the quality of cartons-carton compression test

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Conditions for testing the quality of cartons-carton compression test

Conditions for testing the quality of cartons-carton compression test


      The carton compression tester is an important testing equipment for testing the quality of the carton. It is suitable for the compression, deformation, and stacking tests of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging parts. 

      And take into account the pressure test of plastic barrels (edible oil, mineral water), paper barrels, cartons, paper cans, container barrels (IBC barrels) and other containers. It is used to simulate the impact of the package during transportation, loading and unloading, and to identify the impact strength of the package and the rationality of the packaging design.


Correct use method analysis

1. Determine the quality index standards for carton safety, pressure resistance, and tying

       The above two indexes can be obtained by formulas. The determination of the indexes depends on the domestic and foreign sales and storage period. Under special circumstances, such as cartons supported by the contents, the appropriate anti-stress index value can be determined according to the actual situation. The quality index of the code must be determined by the formula.

2.Detect preprocessing status

     The carton is pretreated for 24h under the standard test state (generally carton users can go to an authoritative and impartial testing organization to test unconditionally) and then re-test, so that the moisture of the carton reaches a dynamic equilibrium state.

3.Precautions for sample extraction

     In the trial production stage of new products, the difference between the sample printing and die-cutting process and the non-printing and die-cutting strength is about 5-20%. Therefore, the state of the sample and the batch product should be basically the same, and the sampling of the batch product should comply with the principle of statistical probability. , After many years of practical experience, the sampling sample should be drawn from 6 different 3 packs, which can reduce the risk of misjudgment.

4.Result judgment

      If there is a box force value lower than the anti-pressure index of the carton tested under the standard state, the batch of boxes can be judged to be unqualified, and the discussion on improving the stacking test efficiency: stacking test often takes a long time, which is economical and economical. The effective assessment method is still in the groping stage.



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