Compression tester for carton,package

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Compression tester for carton,package

Carton compression tester is a professional testing machine for testing the compressive performance of cartons. It is suitable for testing the compressive, deformation and stacking resistance of corrugated cartons, honeycomb cartons and other packaging components. It also gives attention to the compressive test of plastic drums (edible oil, mineral water), paper drums, paper boxes, paper cans, and containers (IBC barrels).


Working mode

The test of compressive strength is applicable to all kinds of corrugated cartons, honeycomb cartons and other packaging pieces when the most crushing

Stacking strength test is applicable to stacking test of various corrugated cartons, honeycomb cartons, etc

Pressure standard test is applicable to all kinds of corrugated box, honeycomb box and other packaging parts of the standard test


Detection of meaning

Good compressive performance can ensure that the contents are not damaged during transportation and storage. At the same time, according to the different contents, we can guide the packing manufacturer to produce, which can be used for professional instruments for food packaging QS certification.



The compressive test

The compressive strength of cartons can be divided into RMS and final values. The change of the force value during the compression test is sometimes from slow to fast to the point of collapse, and some of it is steadily added to the point of collapse. In long-term compressive strength test, we found that sometimes the force value changes have certain buffer: namely when the strength and deformation increased to a certain degree, a strength to stop and deformation continues to increase, over time, force value continues to increase, the point of collapse until the cartons. We can refer to the force value before buffer as the effective value, and the deformation amount before buffer as the effective deformation amount. Buffer, although the force value can continue to increase, but the cartons have begun to deformation, can't meet the use requirements, so the decision criteria for carton compressive strength should be the effective value of the compressive tests.


The technical features

  1.  system controlled by microcomputer, with eight inch touch screen operation panel, adopting high speed ARM processor, a high degree of automation, fast data acquisition, automatic measurement, intelligent judgment functions, test process automatically

  2. carton compression tester provides 3 test methods: maximum crushing force; Stacking; The pressure up to standard

  3. screen dynamically displays sample number, sample deformation, real-time pressure, and initial pressure

  4. open structure design, double screw, double guide column, with a speed reducer to drive belt drive deceleration, good parallelism, good stability, strong rigidity, long service life;

  5. carton compression testing machine adopts servo motor control, high precision, low noise, high speed and other advantages; Accurate positioning of the instrument, fast response, saving test time and improving test efficiency;

  6. carton anti-pressure tester adopts 24-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1/10,000,000) and high-precision weight sensor to ensure the speed and accuracy of the force data collection of the instrument.

  7. Intelligent configuration, such as extreme stroke protection, overload protection and fault warning, ensures the operation safety of users, and is equipped with micro-printer to facilitate data printing and output

  8. carton pressure testing machine can be connected with computer software, with real-time display of pressure curve and data analysis management, storage, printing and other functions;


The working principle

Carton compressive machine adopt servo motor drive system, through the ball screw pressure operation, the high accuracy force value sensor accurately reflect the load condition of the specimen, the microcomputer system test collection and processing parameters, output shows the test result.



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