China Express Green Packaging Industry Alliance officially launched

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China Express Green Packaging Industry Alliance officially launched

In the 2017 Beijing International Service Trade Fair, the express plate focused on a number of projects, involving the Express service E-commerce, manufacturing, agriculture and Cross-border Express and other fields.

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China Express Association and the Chinese Packaging Federation signed a strategic cooperation, the two sides will push a wide range of green packaging applications, to build a green packaging cooperation platform. EMS, Shun Fong, the most, Ann can and other Express enterprises with COFCO Blessing, Harbin Pharmaceutical group, such as a number of enterprises signed, to provide comprehensive logistics, integrated supply chain solutions and other services. Yuantong, Shentong, Pettibone and other express enterprises and agricultural products electric business platform, local people's government contracted to form a vertical service channel of agricultural and sideline products cooperation projects. The signing also involves the express delivery and Polish postal cooperation, Yun da Express to expand the European North American market and other projects



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