Carton compressive test analysis of the four stages and effects

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Carton compressive test analysis of the four stages and effects

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Compression resistance test machine is a commonly used compression machines, the compression strength of corrugated box refers to the compressive testing machine under the condition of the dynamic pressure, until the box damage can withstand the maximum load and deformation. Users in the use of copmression testing machine for the four stages of the carton compression test is needed to understand, today Haida equipment for everyone to give a specific introduction.

The compression test process is divided into 4 stages:

The first stages is preload phase to ensure that the carton with the compression press platen contact;

The second stage when the horizontal pressure is pressed, at this time the load slightly increased, deformation changes very large;

The third stages is the pressure stage of the side wall of carton, when the load increases quickly and the deformation increases slowly.

The four stages carton was completely destroyed, at this time for the crushing point of the carton.

Carton of the entire pressure process is mainly four of the force, about the total force of two-thirds, so in the production process, we should try to reduce the carton Four corners around the corrugated damage.


The compressive strength of cartons is divided into valid values and final values. The change of force value is sometimes from slow to fast to break point, some stable incremental to break point. Long-term compression test shows that the force value of the change sometimes has a certain buffer, that is, when the force value and deformation increased to a certain extent, the force stopped and the deformation continues to increase, after a period of time, the force value continues to increase, until the collapse point of the carton. The force value before buffering can be called the effective value, and the amount of deformation before buffering is called efficient deformation. After buffering, although the force value can continue to increase, but the carton has begun to deformation, can not meet the requirements of the use, so determine the quality of the carton compression strength of the standard should be the effective strength of the pressure test.

The better the quality of the carton, the higher the effective force of the compressive strength, the less the deviation between the effective value and the final value. The analysis of the compressive strength of corrugated carton is generally indicated by the average of multiple experiments (≥ 3), the smaller the deviation between each experiment data, the more stable the compression resistance of the carton. We can analyze the quality of carton through the changing process of force value and deformation quantity, combined with various factors that affect the pressure of carton.



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