Carton Box

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Carton Box

Carton Box

In daily life, carton box is an important tool that we can't lose. From take-out food packaging boxes to all kinds of clothes, shoes and socks package, carton boxes are needed. But, how to test the quality of the cartons? This requires to use the instrument - MIT folding test machine.


HD-A519 MIT folding tester is suitable for paper, sheet metal bending test, paper, packaging materials and thin metal plate industries. The two ends of the test piece are fixed to the upper and lower clamps of the machine. The upper fixture is applied to the required load to make the test piece bear a certain tension. In the vertical state of the test piece, the lower clamp bends to the left and right sides until the test piece is broken, and the bending times are recorded.

Of our machine, the force value is more accurate, and the operation is more convenient and humanized. Also, it uses optical shaft and spring, which greatly reduces the friction resistance, makes the test data more accurate, and effectively reduces the error. What's more, it can calculate automatically and print the test results.

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