Cardboard puncture strength testing machine Maintenance and Operation Notes

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Cardboard puncture strength testing machine

The Cardboard puncture strength testing machine can test the general cardboard, corrugated board, plywood, plastic sheet and weaving board, etc., the impact of the head for a pyramid, to break through the trial.

Applicable to a wide range of cardboard, cardboard, carton production, scientific research and commodity inspection and other enterprises and departments indispensable common equipment.

Design criteria (including but not limited): TAPPI-T803, JIS-P8134, GB2679-7

Operation Notes:

1, in the hanging body hanging on the release shelf, we must close the insurance handle, so as to avoid security incidents;

2, when the return trip, the need to easily hang the body hanging on the release frame, and to close the insurance handle;

3, when the cardboard punching strength test machine in the no-load state, not free to release the body, so as not to cause damage to the test machine;

4, when the end of the test, the insurance handle should be back and put the body fixed;

5, the test process, without any heavy wheels when the swing to swing freely to stop, then the number of swing should not be less than 300 times;

6, after the completion of the test, there may be a brush to sweep between the two sides of the splint;



Maintenance Note:

1, the puncture strength testing machine is not used for a long time, on the regular body of the spindle, the pointer shaft into the instrument oil;

2, after the end of the test, may be appropriate to the cardboard punching strength test machine sliding part of the appropriate lubricating oil;

3, the oil can be ordinary oil;

4, the puncture strength testing machine pierced the head when not applicable can be used in oil paper attached to the above, so you can protect the surface roughness of the piercing head;

5, the test machine is not used when the time is not appropriate, may be appropriate to start the test machine, and remove the dust on the test machine and dust cover with a good test machine.



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