Bursting Strength Test Standard

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Burst Strength Test Machine Introduction:

The bursting strength testing machine is an internationally-used testing instrument widely used in packaging materials. It is mainly used to measure various paperboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboard. It can also be used for the breaking strength test of non-paper materials such as silk and cotton.

The Bursting Strength Testing Meet Following Standards:

ASTM D774-97  Bursting Strength of Paper

ASTM D751-00  Coated Fabrics - Burst Strength

ASTM D751-00  Coated Fabrics - Hydrostatic Resistance

ASTM D202-97  Sampling and Testing Untreated Paper for Electrical Insulation - Procedure A 200 PSI

ASTM D202-97  Sampling and Testing Untreated Paper for Electrical Insulation - Procedure B >200 PSI

ASTM D3656-97 Bursting Strength of Insect Screening and Louver Cloth Woven from Vinyl-coated-glass Fiber Yarn

ASTM D3393-91 Specification for Coated Fabrics - Waterproofness

ASTM D3655-95 Bursting Strength of Men's and Women's Silver Knitted Overcoat and Jacket Fabrics

ASTM D2210-00 Grain Crack and Extension of Leather by the Mullen Test

TAPPI T403 om-97 Bursting Strength of Paper

TAPPI T807 om-99 Bursting Strength of Paperboard and Linerboard

TAPPI T810 om-98 Bursting Strength of Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard

INDA IST 30.1 (formerly ASTM D3786-87) Hydraulic Bursting Strength of Knitted Goods and Nonwoven Fabrics - Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method

INDA IST 30.2  Nonwovens Burst

INDA IST 80.4  Penetration by Water Using the Hydrostatic Pressure Test

INDA IST 80.6  Water Resistance

International Standard ISO 2758  Paper - Determination of Bursting Strength

International Standard ISO 2759  Board - Determination of Bursting Strength



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