Burst testing procedure for paper, paperboard, corrugated box

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Burst testing procedure for paper, paperboard, corrugated box

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Now our senior engineer of the paper and package testing machines briefly introduces the burst testing procedure of the burst strength tester. This burst testing procedure complies with international testing standards and it is suitable for all kinds of paper and cardboard testing.


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1. Clear burst strength Under test conditions, the corrugated cardboard can withstand a maximum increase in the average pressure per unit area perpendicular to the surface of the specimen.


2. Burst test experiment principle:

Place the sample on top of the film, clamp it with the sample holder, and then apply pressure evenly so that the specimen is free to protrude with the film until the specimen breaks. The bursting strength of the specimen is the maximum value of the applied hydraulic pressure.


3.Burst test machine:

The chuck diameter of the chuck system is 31.5 ± 0.5mm and the diameter of the lower chuck is 31.5 ± 0.5mm. The upper and lower clamp ring should be concentric, the maximum error of not more than 0.25mm. The two grips are parallel to each other and flat. The contact surface is measured evenly. In order to prevent the sample from sliding, the sample chuck shall have a clamping force of not less than 690 kPa. But this pressure will generally make the corrugated specimen collapse, should be noted in the report.


4. Burst test sample of taking and handling:

1. The specimen shall be taken in accordance with the test standards.

2. Specimens should be tested according to the provisions of the standard temperature and humidity treatment.


5. Burst test sample preparation

The sample area must be larger than the chuck of the burst tester, and the specimen shall not have watermark, crease or obvious damage. Do not use samples that have been pressed by chucks during the test.


6. Burst test procedure:

In the four provisions of the atmospheric conditions for cutting and testing. Open the chuck of the specimen, clamp the specimen in the middle of the two sample chucks, and then start the tester to gradually increase the pressure at a rate of 170 ± 15 mL / min. When the sample is blasting, read the value indicated on the gauge. Then release the chuck and return the reading pointer to the start position. The data should be discarded when the specimen is clearly slid.


7. The test results

A total of 10 samples of adhesive film on the front and back sides were measured and expressed as the arithmetic mean kPa of all the measured values.


8. The test report

The trial report includes the following:

A Test standard number;

B sample type, specification

C test the standard used;

D The atmospheric conditions of the test site;

The name and type of the tester used, the clamping force used;

F cardboard positive and negative bursts of the average, to retain the three effective figures;

G test date, place, test personnel and so on



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