Auto Parts Testing

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Auto Parts Testing

Auto parts test purpose:

The automobile is an electromechanical hybrid complex system consisting of tens of thousands of parts. Auto parts testing can help automakers and component manufacturers to quickly improve the performance of components and meet your high requirements for product quality and safety.

Auto parts test level:

1, material level test: test the material of the production parts, such as material strength, VOC, toxicity test, etc. (environmental test).

2, part level test: test the part itself, such as structural strength, part function, etc.

3, assembly level test: test the matching performance of the parts after installation to the vehicle, such as NVH, bad road, exposure, impact test, etc.

Auto parts testing standards:

Automotive exterior parts testing:

The pros and cons of the appearance of the exterior parts are the first impression of the vehicle, and it is also responsible for resisting the impact of the environment on the body. Therefore, in addition to the aesthetic requirements,Haida can test the important aspects of the exterior parts in terms of strength, toughness, environmental resistance and impact resistance.

Applicable Products

Test items

Car front and rear bumpers

Mechanical properties

Car body skirt

Coating / coating thickness


Wear resistant

Outer circumference

Chemical resistance


High and low temperature aging

Side anti-collision strip

UV / xenon light aging

Door and window seal

Dustproof and rainproof


Automotive interior parts testing Compared to the exterior parts, the aesthetics and the protection of the body, the interior parts as a direct carrier for the superior ride experience, need to have excellent performance in terms of hand, comfort and visual experience.

Instrument panel / dashboard

Restriction of heavy metal components

Door inner panel

VOC analysis


Flame retardant test

steering wheel

Burning smoke dust test

Ceiling / inner circumference

High and low temperature cycle test

Hood / carpet

High and low temperature impact test

Sun visor

UV / xenon lamp aging

Door handle

Mechanical shock, stretch and compression

Threshold trim

Rain test

air conditioner outlet

Dust test

Heater / air conditioner

High and low temperature aging


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