A Story of Adhesive Tape

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A Story of Adhesive Tape

In our daliy life, adhesive tape can be seen everywhere, in shop, supermarket, home, office, school...etc. Do you know what it experience before go to our hand? Today, a story of adhesive tape showing you its’ 

extraordinary life.


1. Production: It will be produced by specialized manufactuer.

2. Inspection and Testing: It is very hard and strict for them, if they don’t pass the test, we will be discard or remanufacture, let see what they experience during testing.

  •  Shear Adhesion Test under Temperature & Humidity: it test the adhesive resistance property and the holding adhesive property of the adhesive tape

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  • 90 & 180 Degree Peel ,T Peel, Loop Tack Peel Testit test the peel force and peel strength of tape.


图片5  图片6  图片7

                              90°peel clamp                   180°peel clamp                   Loop Tack Clamp

3. Flow into the market: only pass the testing , they can enter market or application to different industry. Such as automative application, woodworking application, building&construction application, personal care application, paper&packaging application...etc.

During the story of tape, we can know that testing is the important part of adhesive tape and adhesive application. If you are also finding this kind testing solution, please remember to contact us.




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