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Walk-in Automaic Constant Temperature And Humidity Testing Chamber

Walk in test chamber is applicable to aerospace products, information electronic instrumentation, materials, electrical, electronic products, various electronic components in high and low temperature or hot and humid environment, to test their performance indicators.
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Walk-in Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber
Walk-in test chamber  is environmentally conditioned rooms that may be configured to almost any size or footprint. We also called Environmental Chambers. Walk-in environmental chambers are useful when testing large objects and performing batch paper or package testing. Of all environmental test chambers, Walk-in chambers are typically the largest in size.

Product performance & features:  
1. Temperature humidity test room has a big temperature / humidity range and can meet user’s entire requirement. It adapts to unique balance thermoregulation & humidifying way and can get a safety, precise temperature humidity environment. It has stability, balance heating, humidifying function and also can proceed in high precision, high stability temperature humidity control.
2.   Temperature humidity test room is equipped with high precision intelligentized thermoregulator, temperature and humidity adapt LCD display control 7551 program instrument ( it also can use OYO-5461 according to user requirement), can choose the temperature humidity recode instrument. 
3. Temperature humidity test room can choose computer for remote control according to the function
4. Automatic select the refrigerating circuit, the automatic control instrument can automatic choose operate refrigerating circuit’s function according to the temperature set value, and direct-on line starting refrigerating machine in high temperature condition which can cooling directly. 
5. The interior door is equipped with big observation window which convenient for viewing the test status of specimen. 
6. This product is equipped with advanced safety protection device --- residual current device; overheat protector, phase failure protector, water-break protector. 

Temperature Measuring And Control System

1.the temperature measuring and control system adopts microprocessor system and provided with touch panel for monitoring and digital display:     supplied with support software

software is capable to visualize and graphical anallyse the measured & recorded value.

a.graphical representation and digital display and control of set and actual values

b.digital input and display of temperature in degree centigrade

c. fault diagnosis system

d.120 stroage of programmes

2.have adjustable safety cut-out against high and low temperature

3.facility to programme temperature measuring using sensor pt100

Operating System

detailed operating & maintanance manual

a.operational instruction

b.complete list parts

c.preventive maintenance procedure

d.trouble shooting measures

e.electrical circuit diagrams

Walk In Test Chamber Parts

walk in chamber




Temperature Range 

-50c To +100c

Humidity Range

40% To 98% Rh

Dimension (Internal) (w x d x h)

1500 x 1500 x 3000 Mm

Dimension (External) (w x d x h)

2850 x 1700 x 3200 Mm


Variable, Temp. 0~5c / Min & Humidity 0~5%/Min

In Average, No Load


Temp. ±1c, Humidity ±2.5%Rh

Interior Walls

Stainless Steel 304

Exterior Walls

Cold Rolled Stell Plate With Baking Finish

Temperature   & Humidity Measurement And Controller

32 Bit Control And Monitoring System.

Interface Facility With Rs232

Programmable   Temp. Humid. Controller

Viewing Window

Multi Pane Glass Window Size

Port Holes

50 Mm Diameter For Wire Routing

Power  Supply  Requirement   

Three Phase, Ac380 v ± 10 %, 50 Hz

Sound Pressure Level

<72db (a)

Condenser Cooling

Water Cooled

The table parameters is for the company Standard Model parameters, we support customer customization parameters

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