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  • 10-23
    Paper Package Testing Items And Standards

    Paper industry, cardboard, printing industry on the original paper performance indicators more and more.All the test projects we can provide are based on GB, HG, ASTM, ISO, JIS, TAPPI and other standards to analyze the performance indicators of the raw paper and provide sufficient guarantee for your production. Read More »

  • 10-24
    How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Drop Test Of Corrugated Box Transport Package

    How to improve the effectiveness of drop test of corrugated box transport package In the process of circulation, the transport package will experience the harm of fall or drop impact, and this is the most direct and intuitive transport damage caused by the breakage of transport package. Corrugated b Read More »

  • 06-21
    Drop Test Process For Package

    Drop test Process 1. Scope of UseAll the packaged products that need long-distance transportation. 2. Test PurposeDevelop a standard test method to evaluate the ability of the packaging product to withstand the impact environment during transport. 3. Test ObjectBox。 4. EquipmentDrop the test bench. Read More »

  • 06-21
    Differences between single and double-wing drop tester

    Three major differences between single and double-wing fall machinesThe load-bearing capacity of a single-arm falling object does not have the height of the door-type arms, the same weight a point support and two point support the degree of force is not the same, as well as the requirements of space Read More »

drop test

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