What are the items to be tested for packaging materials?

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What are the items to be tested for packaging materials?

Packaging material testing items

Packaging materials and product testing can be divided into the following parts according to the type of material:

Testing of paper materials and products such as paper and cardboard. Paper materials and products are the most widely used in production and life, and the quality of paper is directly related to the quality of the product. Paper product packaging material testing includes several categories of performance, such as printing performance, mechanical performance, and weather resistance. Common quality problems of paper products packaging materials include: the printing performance and mechanical properties of the paper products do not meet the product standards and use requirements; cargo damage caused by poor weather resistance; paper products release harmful substances, causing product pollution or damage, etc.

Testing of plastic packaging materials and products. Plastic packaging is also an important type of packaging that is second only to paper in our daily life. Plastic packaging materials testing items mainly include: mechanical properties (stretching, tearing, puncture, etc.), barrier properties (moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, etc.), weather resistance, optical properties, antistatic properties, foam material cushioning properties, etc.

Common quality problems of plastic packaging materials include: insufficient mechanical properties and barrier properties; discoloration, brittleness, melting, adhesion, cracking and other phenomena in the weather resistance test; light transmittance and ultraviolet light transmittance are not up to standard; surface resistance is in the specified environment The test has abnormal values, poor material cushioning performance, etc.

The detection of wooden packaging materials refers to the detection of wooden materials such as wood and man-made board products that are used to support, protect or carry materials for commodities. The testing items of wooden packaging materials mainly include: static bending strength, bending strength, bonding strength, nail holding power, moisture content, formaldehyde emission, weather resistance, etc.

Common quality problems of wooden packaging materials include: board fracture; product rust caused by high moisture content of wood; release of formaldehyde and release of harmful gases, etc.



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