Packaging Testing - Why you need Packaging Testing

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Packaging Testing - Why you need Packaging Testing

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The only thing protecting your product from structural or environmental damage is the packaging in which it ships. Whether it ships in a cardboard box, a crate or a custom-designed case – either domestically or internationally -- you need to ensure the packaging meets requirements to avoid damage during transit. 


Advantages of Packaging Testing 

· Protect the Product

· Save Money. Each Time Your Product is Damaged During Shipping, You Lose Money

· Increase Brand Loyalty

· Reduce the Need for Trial Shipments

· Reduce Product Claim Headaches


Packaging testing often includes the products affected by the packaging. Packaging test apply globally to a wide range of industries, including electronics, food, consumer, industrial, chemicals, packers, retailers, brand owners, packaging materials manufacturers, and more.


Packaging testing can be done at many stages of the product cycle: prior to new product launch, with new packaging redesigns, when product damage is an issue in your company, or when your clients require testing. The best way to prepare is to include testing as early in the packaging design as possible. 





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