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  • 05-26
    Microcomputer Crush Strength Tester----- Approachable·the other side of paper

    microcomputer crush strength tester can be used with a variety of paper packaging materials to conduct a variety of paper quality tests. Such as ring crush test (RCT), flat crush test (FCT), edge edge crush test (ECT), Pin Adhesion test (PAT), it is a test equipment that combines multiple functions in one. Read More »

  • 11-20
    How to chose a suitable mattress for your family?

    How to chose a suitable matress for your family?That to consumer character when buying mattess, must try to lie on mattess 10 minutes above, such you can judge basically the soft hard degree of mattess whether suit you.Try sleeping on your back and on your side. Test the back of your neck, waist and Read More »

  • 11-07
    Carton Box

    Carton BoxIn daily life, carton box is an important tool that we can't lose. From take-out food packaging boxes to all kinds of clothes, shoes and socks package, carton boxes are needed. But, how to test the quality of the cartons? This requires to use the instrument - MIT folding test machine.HD-A5 Read More »

  • 10-28
    Tensile Test machine

    Tensile Test machineTensile test machines, also known as tension test machines or universal material testing machine. It is used to test the mechanical properties of various materials, such as static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and stripping and so on. It is suitable for t Read More »

  • 10-16
    Vacuum Drying oven

    With the pace of autumn is going away, winter is coming quietly, some places in the north even have had the first snow. Many cities in the South have also entered the cold and humid weather. When you want to dry something, what do you think of first? The cooking oven, The blower, or the Dehydrator? Read More »

  • 08-27
    Carton and Paper Box Packing Stacking

    This instrument can make compression tests of packages (boxes) or packing. And determine their piling up resistance (for storage and transport). These tests are called B.C.T. (Box Compression Test). Read More »

  • 10-09
    Drop Test Machine Introduction

    In daily life, our packaging will always encounter all kinds of impacts, damage, and even falling from high altitude. After these damages, the package will be seriously damaged. What can be done to avoid these damages? Make sure that the objects inside the package are not damaged? Let me introduce y Read More »

  • 04-25
    Haida Tensile Test machine Introduction

    The tensile testing machine is also known as the universal material testing machine. The universal testing machine is a mechanical augmenting test machine for testing the mechanical properties of equipment, such as static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, etc., for pla Read More »

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