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  • 10-09
    Drop Test Machine Introduction

    In daily life, our packaging will always encounter all kinds of impacts, damage, and even falling from high altitude. After these damages, the package will be seriously damaged. What can be done to avoid these damages? Make sure that the objects inside the package are not damaged? Let me introduce y Read More »

  • 04-25
    Haida Tensile Test machine Introduction

    The tensile testing machine is also known as the universal material testing machine. The universal testing machine is a mechanical augmenting test machine for testing the mechanical properties of equipment, such as static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, etc., for pla Read More »

  • 03-28
    How Does The Burst Strength Tester Work

    How does the burst strength tester work?Paper burst strength test machine is an internationally-used Mullen-type instrument, which is widely used in packaging materials. Burst strength test machine is mainly used to measure various paperboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboard. I Read More »

  • 08-21
    What are the common paper products testing instruments?

    Paper products generally need to do some quality testing, at this time need to use some testing instruments.What are the commonly used paper inspection instruments included, bursting strength tester,ring crush tester,compression testing machine, drop tester,temperature humidity chambers. Read More »

  • 05-10
    What is an edge crush test

    Edge pressure strength of cardboard is an important parameter to measure the quality of carton.Most of the paper box factories use the project as a mandatory project, which demonstrates the importance of this parameter.The test method and the calculation formula of edge compression strength are spec Read More »

  • 05-10
    Edge Crush Test Procedure

    Edge Crush Test Procedure-----HAIDA Read More »

  • 04-07
    What are the Feature of the box compression tester ?

    What are the Feature of the box compression tester ? box compression tester is a multi-functional economic carton quality compression tester, mainly used for all kinds of corrugated carton compressive strength test, or other materials of the compressive strength of packaging container inspection, s Read More »

  • 03-14
    Frequently asked questions of bursting strength test machine.

    Frequently asked questions about rupture strength tester. Read More »

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