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  • 06-30
    Haida international equipment

    Looking back to the past, looking to the futureTime flies, like a white horse passing through a gap, we have experienced a lot and gained a lot on the way the Haida people are forging ahead.One year has passed since Haida’s headquarters moved to Tian’an Digital City in June 2020. Let’s review our ga Read More »

  • 05-28
    Sports are free-life is more brilliant!

    Sports are free, life is more brilliant!Haida Instruments May 22Do you often sit for a long time, do you often talk about losing weight but can't stop it, do you have too much work to exercise?Don't panic, Haida Instruments sincerely invites you to go to the night run rally, and the editor will take Read More »

  • 12-15
    About Haida, About Me

    About Haida, About MeAt the end of June, 18, I came to Haida as a job seeker, following the industrial city of Dongguan, where the four seasons are not distinct, to start a new career.To me, the word "Haida" is not strange. I have heard some clips of Haida before. I first heard the word "Haida" in S Read More »

  • 11-10
    How to test the safety of the chair

    In our daily work as office furniture, office chair is indispensable the importance of a lot of people seem to think it even more than a desk, sitting in the office chair, office staff life over 60000 hours, so frequent contact office chair, you for its security risks exist and solution and to know Read More »

  • 10-24
    Do you really know how to play jokes?

    Do you really know how to play jokes?In our daily life, we always can't help playing jokes with others no matter what the reason is. On one hand, playing jokes will make each of us get along more harmoniously; on the other hand, it may make both sides embarrassed to go on the topic we talked.If you Read More »

  • 01-17
    Haida Service

    A different oil kingdom-Saudi Arabia Read More »

  • 09-25
    Sunshine mentality-Haida activity

    In just over two months, We have participated in various kinds of training in Haida.This is a place where you can learn and grow. Our company sent us to Honolulu Island for a training named - Sunshine mentality, Happy work Firstly, Coach Huang gathered people at Haida at Shayao Pier and arranged for Read More »

  • 09-19
    Warm as you - Haida Family

    Haida's corporate culture requires the support and construction of all our employees.We have a diligent work spirit and attitude to support the development of the company. When the customer urgently needed machine, our engineers and the logistics department will catch up with the customer as much as Read More »

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