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Haida has 4 main independent systems of R&D, Production, Marketing & Sales, Measurement & Calibration.
Haida Service
Onsite installation,Technical training,Product Brochure,Video Conferencing,Software upgrades.
Haida R&D
In 2007, Haida merged with Mechanical Electric HK Ltd. set up our own R&D Center.  Obtained certificate of new high-tech enterprise in 2016. 
Founded in 2005, Haida® is the recognized Dongguan, China market leader in the testing equipment industry and Haida® is one of the leading companies solely dedicated to the manufacture of paper and packaging testing machine (P&P).

Our modern corporate headquarters, R&D, and manufacturing facilities are located in Dongguan, a world factory base, Guangdong China. And our sales network to extend all over China, 14 sales offices in China. Furthermore our sales and distribution facilities are located in Dubai, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia. 
We are operating under ISO 9001 quality standard. And we will take a part of our revenue back into our product development programs. Our goal is to continually advance the application of existing technologies and to develop new & innovative technologies for the benefits of our customers. For example four point tester, servo motor clamps machine and the refrigerator testing system…

Service and calibration, Haida offers a broad range of service capabilities including calibration, technical support, training and assistance with laboratory management.



In the future we will follow:

Our Vision:
To be the world class testing equipment enterprise.

Our Value:
Loyalty, Efficiency, Passion, Creative, Sharing and Persistence.

On the other hand we are also an environment and social responsibility company we work for better environment and keep focus on improve human life.
We will become the world class testing equipment enterprise.  


Haida, as a large-scale manufacturer focused on physical testing instruments, the mission of "Deliver the best testing equipment to our customers". And in 2016 won the High-tech Enterprises in Guangdong Province.
Haida products are widely used in various scientific researches, quality inspection organizations, academic exploration and other major fields, and products in line with GB, ISO, UL, ASTM, EN, JIS, TAPPI, DIN, BS and other domestic and international standards.
                                    4 pont tester
                 HAIDA Invention Patented Product--4 Point Bending Stiffness Tester
                                            Patent No. : ZL 201410637024.8


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