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  • 02-27
    How To Increase Compressive Strength Of Carton Box

    The most important function of a carton is that it has good protection for goods, and the overall compressive strength of the carton is a comprehensive reflection of the protection performance of the carton. The importance of the compressive strength to the carton is self-evident. In recent years, w Read More »

  • 01-17
    Haida Service

    A different oil kingdom-Saudi Arabia Read More »

  • 12-16
    Auto Parts Testing

    Auto parts test purpose:The automobile is an electromechanical hybrid complex system consisting of tens of thousands of parts. Auto parts testing can help automakers and component manufacturers to quickly improve the performance of components and meet your high requirements for product quality and s Read More »

  • 11-08
    Two methods of ISTA test

    ISTA has two tests - performance tests: the test results are evaluated by pass or fail, and are used to determine the suitability of the package for normal transport. Development Test: is the relative performance used to compare two or more package designs or different designs from different vendo Read More »

  • 10-09
    Drop Test Machine Introduction

    In daily life, our packaging will always encounter all kinds of impacts, damage, and even falling from high altitude. After these damages, the package will be seriously damaged. What can be done to avoid these damages? Make sure that the objects inside the package are not damaged? Let me introduce y Read More »

  • 09-25
    Sunshine mentality-Haida activity

    In just over two months, We have participated in various kinds of training in Haida.This is a place where you can learn and grow. Our company sent us to Honolulu Island for a training named - Sunshine mentality, Happy work Firstly, Coach Huang gathered people at Haida at Shayao Pier and arranged for Read More »

  • 09-19
    Warm as you - Haida Family

    Haida's corporate culture requires the support and construction of all our employees.We have a diligent work spirit and attitude to support the development of the company. When the customer urgently needed machine, our engineers and the logistics department will catch up with the customer as much as Read More »

  • 08-13
    Haida Culture

    In today's modern society where competition is becoming more and more fierce, if a company wants to develop quickly and steadily and healthily, in addition to its ability to innovate, the team's cohesiveness and spirit of collaboration are also essential. Haida International Equipment Group, after m Read More »

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