Automatic Film Bursting Testing equipment(LCD)

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Automatic Film Bursting Testing equipment(LCD)

                    Automatic Film Bursting Testing equipment(LCD)

The usage:

Film Bursting Testing equipment fit for products which are packaged by corrugated paper such as electronic instruments, electric ware, hardwares, bike, valise, food, shoe, furniture etc, to test the bursting-resistance strength of paper box; it can also test cloth and synthetic leather. The GT-7013-ADP type of bursting strength tester is adapted with signal output of pressure. While specimen is breaking, the max. breaking value will be kept with the alarm buzzer & alert light automatically. Its Accuracy has promoted 20 times more than the traditional gauge.


Main technical parameters

Capacity :

High Pressure 0~100 Kg/ cm^2 (0.1kg/cm^2)

Unit (switchable):

Kpa, psi, kg/cm^2



Pressure Range:


Speed of Compression:

High Pressure 170±10ml/min

Specimen Clamping Force:



85% Glycerin; 15% Distilled Water

Sensing method:

Pressure Transmitter

Indicating Method & Display:


Material of the Ring

Stainless Steel: SUS304

Opening in Upper Clamp:

31.5  0.05 mm Diameter

Opening in Lower Clamp:

31.5  0.05 mm Diameter


Anti-vibration Motor 1/8 HP

Operation Method:


Dimension (LWH):

445425525 mm


Approx. 70 kg


AC220 10%, 50 Hz

Power Capacity:


Standard Configuration:

Rubber Membrane 1 piece, Spanner 1 set, Correction Shim 10 sheets, Glycerin 1 bottle

Optional Configuration:

Printer, Air Pump


Design standard:JIS-L1004,L1018,L1031,K6328,P8131,P8112 ASTM-D2210,TAPPI T403,ISO2759-2001,GB/T1539


The Character:

it is applicable to test bursting strength for paperboard.

Advanced micro computer controller and digital processor ensure result precise.

Printer facility and fully detailed test reports.

Results of the tests are stored for viewing or for printing out as required.

User-friendly menu interface

Power protection ensure automatic record when power cut off.


Uses: Bursting strength tester is ideal for testing a wide range of materials like paper, paperboards, corrugated board and boxes, leather, filter cloth, rexine, ect, to determine their quality, strength and performance.


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