compression testing machine

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  • 03-23
    About the principle of carton compressive strength test

    About the principle of carton compressive strength test From the structure of conventional cartons, corrugated cartons usually have three layers, five layers, and seven layers.From the structure of the cardboard, it is divided into the outermost layer called facial paper, the wave-shaped one Read More »

  • 08-21
    What are the common paper products testing instruments?

    Paper products generally need to do some quality testing, at this time need to use some testing instruments.What are the commonly used paper inspection instruments included, bursting strength tester,ring crush tester,compression testing machine, drop tester,temperature humidity chambers. Read More »

  • 05-26
    what is the box compression testing machine

    Carton Compressor is a professional testing machine for testing the compressive properties of cartons, suitable for corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging parts of the pressure, deformation, stacking test. And take into account the plastic drum (edible oil, mineral water), paper drums Read More »

  • 04-10
    Why is the carton packaging so easy to damage in the transport

    Why is the carton packaging so easy to damage in the transport Carton packaging as a carrier carrying goods in the process of damage in this process is very normal, according to Haida testing equipment, cartons long, wide, high size and carton damage greater relationship. The size of the carton is g Read More »

compression testing machine

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