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  • 09-19
    Warm as you - Haida Family
    Haida's corporate culture requires the support and construction of all our employees.We have a diligent work spirit and attitude to support the development of the company. When the customer urgently needed machine, our engineers and the logistics department will catch up with the customer as much as Read More »
  • 08-13
    Haida Culture
    In today's modern society where competition is becoming more and more fierce, if a company wants to develop quickly and steadily and healthily, in addition to its ability to innovate, the team's cohesiveness and spirit of collaboration are also essential. Haida International Equipment Group, after m Read More »
  • 05-13
    Tea Culture In Haida
    The Tea Culture In Haida Read More »
  • 04-12
    Shanghai Corrugated Paper Exhibition
    Paper &packaging has become more and more important in the current society. As a company with 14 years of experience in paper testing, Haida has participated in Shanghai in April this year in order to better serve the majority of paper and packaging customers. Once the Corrugated Exhibition.Haida is Read More »
  • 04-08
    Haida Reading Club
    I used to listen to what many people in my hometown said about the usefulness of reading. It seems that it can not bring you a lot of wealth in the short term, and can not be used as food to stop hunger. So where are the functions of many books? The highly praised answer is this: We insist on readin Read More »
  • 03-21
    Haida Team's Activity
    Last day,The global team went to climb Qifeng mountain,which aims to exercise and encourage team’s spirits,Haida’ employees must have strong mind and body to serve our customers. Read More »


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