burst strength test machine - thickness slightly thick paper doesn't break!!!

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burst strength test machine - thickness slightly thick paper doesn't break!!!

Why does not appear to play cardboard break it?

There are two reasons for this;
1. Test control mode breakpoint ratio set high (should be lowered), usually factory set to 80% -85℅;
2. If there is an abnormality in the system setting, such as changing the upper limit value (lower value) of the load cell in the system, the system will stop returning to the initial position and can not continue testing the sample.

The thickness of slightly larger cardboard cracking degree of the general machine at the factory set the system within the larger proportion of power for most of the works, if the test of thick cardboard can be adjusted in accordance with the following methods:
1. Turn off the instrument power switch
2. Start the switch while holding down the set key (set) and hold, enter the system settings interface
3. The first page shows the time setting page, set the key to move the function, the print key is to increase the value, the peak key is to confirm the function, and enter the next interface. In this case,
4. The second interface is the time to set the interface, the peak point of the key type the third page, that is, breakpoint ratio settings page
5. General 20KG above the paper objects, breakpoint ratio can be adjusted to 80 to break the requirements, the smaller the proportion of breakpoints, the sensor rupture value of the larger crawl, the sensor that is smaller grasp, so when asked to fight the cardboard Thicker when the breakpoint ratio can be adjusted to 60 or so. Do not adjust the proportion of too small breakpoints, as the rubber membrane life will be reduced.



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