What are the characteristics and functions of the carton compression testing machine?

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What are the characteristics and functions of the carton compression testing machine?

1. What is a carton compression machine?

The carton compression testing machine is mainly used for the compression strength testing of various small and medium-sized corrugated boxes or the compression strength testing and testing of packaging containers made of other materials with a compression strength of less than 10kN.

2. Application range of carton compression machine:

The carton compression tester is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, wires, hardware, bicycles, handbags, food, medicine, shoes, furniture... and other factories that are packed in corrugated boxes. It is suitable for corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging parts. Withstand voltage, deformation, stacking test. And take into account the compression test of plastic barrels (edible oil, mineral water), paper barrels, cartons, paper cans, container barrels and other containers.

3. The carton compression testing machine has three standard working modes:

Strength test: can measure the pressure resistance and deformation of the box;

Fixed value test: the overall performance of the box can be tested according to the set pressure and deformation;

Stacking test: Simulate the stacking state of the warehouse, and can carry out stacking tests under different conditions.

Fourth, the characteristics of the carton compression testing machine:

The structure of this machine adopts the aluminum extruded sealing plate that has been treated with the first-class paint, and the built-in high-precision, low-resistance, gap-free ball screw and guide column; the measurement and control system has high data acquisition and calculation speed, and the test results can be directly read by the LCD screen or by a printer Print out. Hold pressure test can be carried out.

      HD-A513-C 电脑式多功能伺服拉压强度试验仪                            weibiaoti-300-300

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