The difference between a single-wing drop and a double-wing drop

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The difference between a single-wing drop and a double-wing drop

1. Introduction:

1. Single-wing drop test machine: This test machine is designed to simulate and test the internal damage caused by the fall of various products during handling or transportation after packaging, so as to obtain the best solution for It can minimize the loss during transportation; this testing machine can test the water chestnut, corner and surface of the packaging container.

2. Double-wing drop test machine: The double-arm drop test machine is mainly used to assess the impact of the package during the actual transportation, loading and unloading process, and evaluate the impact resistance of the package during the handling process and the rationality of the packaging design.

2. Advantages:

1. The single-wing drop test machine places the product to be tested; selects a certain placement method: surface, edge, and corner method to make it fixed; digital display height, can be set freely within the test range of the equipment according to the user's requirements Any height; after the height is determined, the solenoid valve is released, and the test piece product leaves the arm wing and falls freely in an instant. Press the "stop button" and the drop board has an automatic reset function.

2. Double-wing drop machine: This machine can make free drop test on the surface, corner, and edge of the package. It is equipped with a digital display height display and adopts a decoder for height tracking, so as to give the product drop height and preset it. The drop height error does not exceed 2% or 10mm. This machine adopts a single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electric control drop and electric lifting device, which is convenient to use; the * hydraulic buffer device greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine. The single-arm setting allows the product to be placed conveniently, and the angle error between the impact surface of the drop angle and the plane of the bottom plate is less than or equal to 5 degrees.

3. Disadvantages:

1. Single-wing drop test machine electronic product packaging falling; plastic product packaging falling; toy product packaging falling; other finished product packaging falling, etc.

2. After the double-wing drop test machine is tested, the drop arm must be lowered; after the new machine is installed at the factory, a suitable low-concentration engine oil must be added to the sliding rod. If there is too much dust in the oiling place for a long time Lower the machine to the lower part, wipe and test the previous oil, and then re-oil the machine; the drop machine is an impact mechanical equipment. When the new machine is used more than 500 times, each screw must be tightened to avoid malfunction; The lifting shaft and chain of the testing machine need to be lubricated regularly. The gear reducer changes the oil once every six months; all power should be cut off when not working to ensure the cleanliness of the lifting shaft.

4.single-wing drop testing machine

5.double-wing drop testing machine



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