The EU uses fruit juice and beverage waste to produce degradable packaging materials

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The EU uses fruit juice and beverage waste to produce degradable packaging materials


Modern fruit juice beverage processing industry emissions of wastewater, rich in high proportion of fermentable sugars, such as glucose, fructose and maltose. The fermentable sugars account for more than 70% of the organic matter concentration of waste water and are ideal for cheap biodegradable biopolymer (PHB) raw material resources. PHBOTTLE R & D team successfully developed biopolymer beverage bottles or food packaging materials, its superior characteristics such as mechanical strength, easy to scale processing, moisture resistance and resistance to steam and water contact insolubility, etc., has been repeatedly tested and verified, including Food Stability, Safety and Quality of New Material Packaging during Storage and Food Storage. It is certain that biodegradable biopolymers are the world's most perfect beverage and food packaging materials.

And with the renewable materials gradually become important raw materials and energy, bio-plastics are getting more and more packaging professionals of all ages. Biotech plants will also increase investment in technology and production of chemical raw materials, some of which will be processed into biodegradable polymeric materials. As mentioned earlier, increasing energy costs and a renewed understanding of the concept of environmental sustainability will lay the foundation for the success of bioplastics in the marketplace.


Biopolymers are mostly used in the areas of packaging and food services and are mainly used for packaging products intended for use at one time or to landfill or into the sea. As a result, biodegradability has become a factor in the choice of packaging materials when the first consideration.


Bioplastics have not been widely used for many years, because the price of bio-plastics is higher than that of ordinary materials. However, we can not sacrifice the cost of the environment to save costs, biological products as a sustainable and renewable raw materials, has a firm foothold in the market, it will inevitably get a wider range of applications in the future.

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