Paper Packaging Foreground

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The first is the world's paper products packaging industry development is rapid, presents the good development situation, the world's packaging industry output value, the paper products more than 32%, in Europe, the proportion of consumption of paper and board is as high as 41%, and per capita consumption of paper and board only one over ten of the developed countries, visible in the development of China's paper industry has huge potential.

Second, the use of paper packaging is very wide, all kinds of paper packaging use throughout human life and production aspects.

Thirdly, the performance design and decoration design of paper products have been highly valued by the whole industry. Various new equipment, new processes and new technologies, such as tile line technology, carton preprinting technology and corrugated digital printing technology, have brought more new choices to the paper packaging industry.The rapid development of e-commerce, frequent mergers and reorganizations in the industry and the emergence of new products such as intelligent packaging have brought new opportunities and challenges for the development of paper packaging industry.

The fourth is the paper packaging container has the relative cost low, saves the resource, the mechanical processing performance is good, can adapt the mechanical automation large-scale production, is easy to print, when using harmless does not have the poison, is easy to recycle and so on the characteristic.Therefore, corrugated boxes, paper boxes and paper bags in the commodity field are very popular among consumers.As it is green, environmentally friendly packaging, more than packaging materials use first.In today's world situation, in order to save energy and prevent the pollution of the environment pollution-free, pollution-free "green packaging", is emerging around the world, can not only satisfy the breathable, moisture, shock, compressive strength and other requirements, and easy to recycle and do not cause environmental pollution of paper materials and plastics, glass, metal, compared three packaging, will no doubt more broad prospects for development.

The fifth is that packaging industry is a service manufacturing industry closely related to national economy and people's livelihood, which plays an important role in national economy and social development.In order to further enhance the core competitiveness of China's packaging industry, consolidate the status of a big country in the world, and promote the development of a strong country in packaging, the ministry of industry and information technology and the ministry of commerce issued the guidance on accelerating the transformation and development of China's packaging industry on December 6, 2016, which indicated the development direction for us.China packaging federation in grasping the "guidance", on the basis of the overall train of thought, formulate specific implementation plan, item by item, decomposition goal task, made 87, 2017 annual action plan through the implementation of overall layout, overall consideration, distribution, promoting the "guidance" flexible goals and indicators to carry out the rigidity, to effectively solve prominent problems in the development of packaging industry, key technologies and application bottlenecks, comprehensively promote industrial development and the transformation of the mass transfer efficiency.This is both a major development opportunity and a severe challenge for China's paper packaging industry.



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