Maintenance Of Carton Compression Tester

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Maintenance Of Carton Compression Tester

Maintenance Of Carton Compression Tester

Maintenance and repair:

1. The operator should be familiar with the instructions and strictly abide by the rules.

2. Adhere to the cycle test, to maintain the carton compression testing machine excellent technical state.

3. The device fails to ask professionals to check out, do not stop the operation.

4. Keep the working environment clean and tidy.

5. Test machine of two driving screw must be taken to maintain proper lubrication, must open the two columns at the opening of dust cover gas, brush brush, with no down flow of oil.

6. Intermittent compression lubrication on the moving parts of the carton compression testing machine.

7. When the print rolls out or print is illegible, replace the print paper or print ribbon.


Testing standard:

GB/T 4857.4,JIS-Z0212,TAPPI-804 ,ISO2872,NF H13-001,CNS 2236/3511,ista

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