Green Packaging Meaning

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Green packaging is attention by the whole international society, this is because the special complexity of environmental problems and pollution, environmental damage regardless of national boundaries, pollution, a country neighbour is damaged, not only endangering the survival of the common people, the health of society, the enterprise production, market prosperity, also through various channels caused international disputes about natural resources.The necessity and positive significance of green packaging are mainly reflected in:

Green packaging can reduce environmental pollution and maintain ecological balance

If a large number of non-degradable plastics are used in packaging, permanent garbage will be formed. The combustion of plastic garbage will generate a large number of harmful gases, including the generation of aromatic hydrocarbons that are prone to cancer.If a large amount of wood is used in packaging, ecological balance will be destroyed. Therefore, green packaging is adopted to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance.

Green packaging conforms to the international trend of environmental protection development needs

Driven by the green consumption wave, more and more consumers tend to choose green products that are harmless to the environment.Products with green packaging and green marks are more easily accepted by foreign trade.

Green packaging is required by WTO and relevant trade agreements

The trade and environment agreement in the WTO package agreement urges enterprises of all countries to produce products and packaging that meet environmental requirements.

Green packaging is one of the important ways to bypass the new trade barriers

The international organization for standardization (ISO) has formulated the corresponding standard ISO14000 for the environment, which has become an important non-tariff barrier in international trade.In addition, in May 1993, the European Community officially launched the "European environmental symbol", the European Community import goods to obtain the green mark must apply to its Allies, no green mark products to enter the above countries will be greatly restricted.

Green packaging is the only way to promote sustainable development of packaging industry

Sustainable development requires that economic development must follow the intensive mode of "less input, more output". Green packaging can promote the coordinated development of resource utilization and environment.



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