Gore introduced two foam pads to set up packaging safety and diversification of new standards

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Gore introduced two foam pads to set up packaging safety and diversification of new standards


Recently, W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced two foam pads to set a new benchmark for the safety and diversification of packaging for hazardous chemicals, agrochemicals, industrial cleaners and household chemicals. As the newest member of the GORE® packaging breathable product portfolio, these two new products are a powerful addition to the development of Gore's patented technology.

Among them, the high anti-liquid seal series for strong aggressive liquid, and the standard series is more suitable for daily packaging applications. These two versatile waterproof breathable products can be directly replaced to meet the full range of packaging requirements, which will make a lot of caps and container manufacturers benefit. In addition, the preservation of extremely hazardous chemicals will be safer and less challenging, which is a big benefit for chemical companies.

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