Edge Crush Test Procedure

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                                                      Edge Crush Test Procedure-----HAIDA

Marginal pressure strength test (ECT), sample box from the three samples, each taking 3 piece, respectively the mechanical impression, printing marks and damage of sample, sample corrugated direction should be short, sample size is 25 mm * 100 mm, and error of plus or minus 0.5 mm.This request of the sampler should maintain absolute sharp blade, blade and knife rest, to appropriate installation position. The mouth of blade and slot into Angle can be adjusted to 45 ° for fitness.In addition, the tip of the knife should not be touched to the bottom of the knife slot to prevent bending and deformation of the blade, so that the edges of the sample that are cut out are prone to damage and hairiness, which will affect the accuracy of the test.

The strength of the ring pressure and the adhesive strength of paperboard determines the edge pressure strength of the paperboard to a large extent.The determination of edge compression strength of corrugated board is as follows:


Step 1: turn on the power.

Start the edge pressure strength tester.


Step 2: sample and prepare.

Corrugated board must be finished product board, and have a horizontal edge for positioning edge, the transverse dimension is not less than 30cm, and the longitudinal dimension is not less than 15cm;Specific operational steps:


1. The cutting knife is pushed away from the corrugated board sampler fixed position baffle, the cardboard longitudinal and the cutter are in the same direction, the positioning edge is positioned against the positioning baffle;

2. Push the cutter to the fixed position baffle, first cut out the other side;

3, dispatch another activity positioning baffle to 10 cm away from the cutter location, and then the new cut out flat against fixed damper, cut out another must have an edge, to resist the positioning positioning baffle activity again, cut out the longitudinal 10 cm;

4, dispatch activities positioning baffle to within 2.5 cm cutter position, longitudinal and cardboard sample cutter to run in the same direction, positioning positioning baffle edge resist activity, cut out the horizontal 2.5 cm, vertical (horizontal = 10 cm x 2.5 cm sample;Repeat operation to get 8 or 10 samples.


Step 3: test the process.

Place the prepared sample between the upper and lower pressure gauge of the compressive strength tester (inside the ring) and secure it with two guide blocks.Press the "test" button on the device to initiate the test.Test values are indicated on the digital display when the sample is crushed.Test all samples, in turn to get a set of test values.


Step 4: print and reset.

After the test, press the "print" button on the device to broadcast out the test results.Press the "reset" key on the digital display to zero.


Step 5: the test is over.

Turn off the power of the compressive strength tester, and the test is finished.

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