Do you really know how to play jokes?

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Do you really know how to play jokes?

Do you really know how to play jokes?

In our daily life, we always can't help playing jokes with others no matter what the reason is. On one hand, playing jokes will make each of us get along more harmoniously; on the other hand, it may make both sides embarrassed to go on the topic we talked.

If you really know how to play jokes, it not only makes you and your friends laugh, but also arouses the atmosphere. When the topic can't go on, some people will choose to use a humorous joke to divert attention and relieve embarrassment. However, the joke should be moderate, because if others mind, the effect of your joke may be counterproductive.

Therefore, joking is a matter of great need for emotional quotient. Proper jokes will strengthen our friendship. Once handled improperly, it can easily become a kind of injury. Its basic principle is to be kind. When you are sure that the friend you played joke will also act as a joke, this is a real joke. We should also pay attention to the occasion and timing. In short, we should say the right words at the right time on the right occasion.

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