Do you know the advantages of Tensile Test Machine in Haida?

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Tensile test machine is a kind of widely used transmission machinery, but the quality of it in the market is uneven. This article will show you the advantages Haida has and the reason why you choose it.

1. Various functions.

There are many kinds of tensile test machine in Haida, which is suitable for most kinds of materials in different industries and meet the needs of users. The types it has are electronic, computer, computer servo, hydraulic and some others of single or double column tensile test machine.


2.Wide range of force values.

According to the needs of different industries, Haida can match sensors in different force value and machines in different stroke range. The force ranges from small to hundreds of thousands.

3. Accurate test accuracy.

Precision including force measurement accuracy, velocity accuracy, deformation accuracy and displacement accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.5.

4. High cost performance.

Ball screw, although the price is a little expensive, but considering its transmission speed, service life, accuracy and other characteristics, cost performance is extremely high.

Also, Haida has its own factories that can provide customized services.

If you are interested in this, you can contact us to get more details.



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