Carton packaging with water-based ink has two elements and tips

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Carton packaging with water-based ink has two elements and tips

1) Viscosity

Viscosity refers to the consistency of ink, ink flow is a reflection of the goal. Viscosity over the formation of poor mobility, dry and slow; low viscosity of the ink flow is good, dry fast, ink thin, with less ink. Such as ink viscosity is low, the toner content needs to be high; the other hand, the toner content is low. Because viscosity directly affects the ink handling and the quality of the print, it is important to control the viscosity of the ink. In the printing process, the viscosity is too low will form a shallow color, high viscosity will form a dirty version, paste plate and other appearance, so when difficult to control, please participate in the transport agent, to improve the handling effect, increase color and three-dimensional.

2) fineness

Fineness refers to the size of the toner particles in the ink, in the process of producing ink paste in the end, it is a very important quality objectives. Production of color paste technology is not scientific, detailed on the quality of ink to play a positive effect. In the production of paste in the process of the best to participate in dispersants and moisture.

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