Carton Compressor Physical Test Item Solution

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Carton Compressor Physical Test Item Solution


1.Carton Compressor Edge Pressure Intensity Test Meaning:

Directly affect the strength of the support of corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes to withstand the main gravity is by Leng, edge pressure is the best way to assess the intensity of shock;

The main factors affecting the edge strength of corrugated board:

Corrugated board production process, the structure of corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard corrugated, corrugated adhesive effect.

Definition of side pressure strength:

In the corrugated direction, a certain height (25mm) corrugated cardboard, the unit length (100mm) can withstand the vertical uniform increase (12.5mm / min) of the force, known as the corrugated board edge pressure.


2, carton compression machine resistance to breaking strength test significance:

Affect the side of the corrugated box support strength - corrugated box protection products, resistance to break that is the unit area of cardboard can withstand uniform and increase the maximum pressure value. The test is to examine the carton in the actual transport environment to withstand the ability of static local extrusion;

Breaking strength definition:

Corrugated cardboard unit area can withstand the uniform increase in the maximum pressure value for the corrugated board breaking strength.



3, carton compression machine puncture strength test significance:

Assessment of cardboard resistance to external sudden impact can withstand the energy;

The definition of puncturing strength:

A certain shape of the corner cone through the work done by the corrugated board, the energy shown as the corrugated cardboard puncture strength.


4, the adhesive strength test of significance:

Adhesion strength is less likely to cause delamination, greatly reducing the compressive strength of cartons;

Definition of adhesive strength:

Corrugated cardboard surface, in, core paper and corrugated corrugated corrugated degree of adhesion, in a certain length of the unit by the separation test can withstand the maximum peel force.


5, carton compression machine thickness test significance:

If the corrugated height loss is too large during the processing of the cardboard, for example, after die cutting, indentation, grooving or printing, it will be greatly reduced. Carton compressive strength, so keep the thickness of corrugated board should be a focus on the production process to grasp the ring;

Definition of thickness test:

Corrugated cardboard under a certain pressure in the performance of the height is known as the thickness.


6, carton compression machine corrugated box compressive strength of the meaning:

Assessment of the carton can withstand the maximum pressure value, carton packaging design product protection strength, test whether the carton can withstand stacking weight;

Corrugated box compressive strength of the definition:

To increase the displacement generated by the uniform pressure of the carton, cartons can withstand the maximum force is called the compressive strength.

Compressive strength qualified to determine:

When the measured pressure value of the three boxes are greater than the standard pressure value, the test is qualified; if one of the boxes fail, the test is unqualified.


7, carton compression machine Other tests:

Flattening strength test (ISO3035) (64.5cm2 32.2cm2 force per unit area)

Bending stiffness test (IS05628) (four-point stiffness, calculated deformation force)

Surface watering degree (JIS-P8137) (refer to the standard degree of water splash)

Vertical pressure test (JIS-Z0403-2) (special fixture, special cutter)

Moisture resistance test (GJB1109A) (250mm * 250mm 4, 50 degrees 90% RH 48h, before and after the water difference of not more than 5%



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