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Vertical Fluter

Vertical Fluter is used to make sample for CMT for testing flat crush strength and Vertical Crush Strength Of Corrugating Medium.

Vertical Fluter


Vertical Fluter is corrugated core paper for corrugated core flat pressure (CMT) and corrugating vertical pressure (CCT) test to prepare samples, to suppress the standard corrugated wave (corrugated core paper laboratory). Corrugated core paper after the match with computer compression tester can be used to determine the corrugated core of the original paper compression strength (CMT) and vertical compressive strength (CCT)

Designed Standard :

ISO 7263,TAPPI T809

Product Parameter:



Temperature Resolution


Temperature Range

Room temperature-200°C

Work Pressure


Standard Work Temperature


Spring Tension





Single phase, AC 220V±22V,50Hz

Vertical Fluter Test Specimen:

1. The normal atmospheric conditions are processed to the equilibrium state and then the specimen is cut under the same atmospheric conditions. Specimen wide-range. 7 m M 0.1 m m

2. Long 152m m 0.5 m m, Long edge for specimen longitudinal. The number of samples should be guaranteed to be able to measure 10 of valid data.

Vertical Fluter Test Steps:

1. Start the pressure-stunned equipment, heat up to (175 8) ℃. The specimen is then vertically inserted into the gap between the two rollers to make the specimen start to stare.

Put the specimen on the rack, then press the comb on the specimen, with a treaty $number mm long tape along the top of the corrugated,

With the steel plate pressed on, carefully remove the comb teeth, remove the specimen, resulting in 10 of corrugated specimen.

In accordance with the requirements of product standards, compression test or temperature and humidity treatment immediately after the compression test.

If the specimen starts to compress immediately, from the pressure to the time to pressure to less than 15s.

If the specimen after the temperature and humidity treatment, 23 ℃, 50% relative humidity treatment under 30min or 20 ℃, 65% relative humidity treatment of min.

2. When the compression test is carried out, the specimen is placed in the middle of the press plate under the compression instrument, the face is not tape-oriented, then the compression is started and the sample is read.

The maximum force that the specimen is subjected to when completely crushing. The force value is the flat compressive strength of the specimen, expressed as N.

If the specimen is found to be deflected or the specimen is removed from any point of the tape during compression, the result is discarded.

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